NASCAR Chicago Hospitality Venues

Official NASCAR Chicago 2024 Hospitality Venues

Welcome to the pinnacle of race-day luxury! The race weekend's hospitality venues are crafted to offer an unrivaled experience, blending thrilling racing action with unparalleled comfort and style. Each venue provides a unique vantage point and experiences to enjoy the race like never before.

Located on the first level of The Skyline, a multi-tiered venue where each level offers a distinct experience, The Founder's Club provides an immersive and luxurious experience at the Chicago Street Race. Directly above Pit Road and at the Start/Finish line, it combines the thrill of the race with upscale amenities.

Key Features:

Prime location above Pit Road and the Start/Finish line

All-inclusive gourmet food and premium open bar offerings

Indoor and outdoor seating options

Air-conditioned lounges for comfort

Private restroom facilities

Exclusive areas for concert viewing

Perched on the 3rd level of The Skyline, The President's Club offers a premium viewing experience of the Chicago Street Race. It combines elevated views of the track with the comfort of an open-air lounge. Guests at the club enjoy access to a range of exclusive amenities.

Key Features:

Elevated views from the 3rd level of The Skyline

Open-air lounge with comfortable seating

Gourmet dining and premium open bar offerings

Access to private restrooms

Exclusive concert viewing areas

Dedicated entrance access

The Plaza Club, nestled between Turns 7 and 8, is a premier hospitality venue that offers guests an exclusive club atmosphere with trackside views that bring you right into the action.

Key Features:

Exclusive club setting with trackside views

Gourmet dining and complimentary beverages

Beer, wine, & soft drinks available

Luxurious atmosphere

Stunning views of the Chicago skyline

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